About Us

Starline Transport Inc. was founded in July 2020 and has grown steadily since. In the following years, we created a structure that has become meaningful and a recognized brand in the transportation industry. Nowadays Star Line Transport is able to provide comprehensive service in the field of each branch of transport and freight forwarding.
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From the very beginning, our staff consistently focuses on dynamic development, exchange of competencies, knowledge, and experience. This enables empowerment of our brand's importance in the industry and credibility as a business partner.

Why choose us?

We have a team of real logistic professionals. Our logisticians are able to
quickly select transport based on the characteristics and dimensions of the cargo, advise on the insurance of the transported property and provide comprehensive information on any other issues of interest.

We are well versed in the field of transport logistics. Over time we have accumulated significant positive experience, which allows us to calculate the best route, guarantee the absence of unforeseen difficulties and delays, and offer affordable transportation.

We provide a range of additional logistics services. If necessary, we are ready to assist in the preparation of the necessary paperwork for the transportation, loading/unloading of goods, and many other related tasks.

Numbers for 2021 year reference


Over 20,000 loads delivered

Over 200 customers within our network


Over 500,000,000 million metric pounds transported